After an e-meet session where we get to know about your domain of work, your project requirements, and your goals behind the project, we put together a list of services, along with their pricing, customized for your project requirements specifically. Your quote will be an overview of what we’ll do for you and how much it will cost you – in terms of both time and money.

After a thorough discussion of your project requirements, it takes at most 3 business days for us to prepare and send a custom quote your way.

Production time varies depending on the complexity of the project and our workload. In general, you can expect to see the first working draft of your site within 30 days of approving the website design. The development time also gets affected by – the number of extra changes you decide to make along the way, the amount of time you take to approve our work at every stage, the amount of time you take to provide us with all the resources we need (that is, if  we are waiting for any resources like logins, pictures, written text, etc. from your end). 

However, as per our experience, we’ve noticed that the development process experiences a significant boost after the first draft is approved.  

This is an extremely important question. We know some web agencies retain the ownership of the websites that they make for people and then continue to charge monthly fees to keep the websites up and running. If you stop paying them, down goes your website along with all the content and images that you/they might have added to the site when it was live. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

But lucky for you, we don’t do that here. The ownership of your website and all the content it contains is transferred to you as soon as you finish your full payment of the project. You’ll have the admin access of the site and can choose to migrate the hosting or SEO to anything you want. It’s all yours, for life!

The answer to this question is “Yes – with caveats.” Because we do a large amount of custom coding to deliver you a fully unique design, there are parts of the site (mostly the Home page) that are locked in HTML mode. While you have access to this page (we give you full admin rights), we strongly encourage you not to edit it, since one missing tag or accidental deletion can cause chaos that can be time-consuming and costly to fix.

However, we also provide a 30-minute free WordPress training once your site is ready to show you how to add or remove stuff. We love to see our clients add pages and posts on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and current!

Yes, we do! We offer competitively priced hosting for your website of which we encourage you to take advantage. Not only is the price great for you, but if something goes wrong with your site in the future, we have easy access to your host so we can troubleshoot your problem. That being said – you own the site. So if at any time you decide to move to a different host, you can easily do so. Your site, your call!

While our sites are all built upon best-practices that give you a solid foundation upon which to begin search engine optimization (SEO), SEO itself is an ongoing investment of time and activity that happens over the course of months or years. Ideally, it is a permanent practice of regular content creation, link-building, social media posting, on-page keyword optimization, and more. As such, it is not included in your one-time website purchase. However, we do offer SEO as a separate service that you can begin after your website is complete. You can read more about that service here.

Yes, we do and this service is called “Social Media Management” or SMM. Our in-house social media team can add posts weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as part of a larger SEO package.

We hate to brag but it’s true that we specialize in WooCommerce for WordPress and can build you a custom e-commerce site that’s tailored to your needs. We’ve worked with clients who have inventories ranging from a dozen products to several hundred thousands products. No site is too large or small. Please call us for a custom quote at +1 (639) 318-7943.

Hell yes! All our sites are fully responsive, which means that they automatically morph into a format that’s suitable for a tablet or phone when viewed from those devices. Many of our clients came to us specifically because their old sites looked horrible on mobile devices, and they were happy they made the switch!

We sure can offer a website and ongoing monthly SEO as a complete bundle. We have several different levels of SEO available and many website options. Call us for a custom quote at +1 (639) 318-7943.

That’s a great question and the answer to it is yes. We can help you regain access to your site if you no longer have the website or hosting logins from your previous webmaster. We can also take copy and pictures directly from your site without logging in in some instances if we are building a new site for you.

On a related note – you will never have this problem if you build a site with us [new domain name]. We give you full admin access to your website so even in the unlikely case that we were to go out of business or cease providing support for our sites, you would still have complete access to your website.

Of course, we do. It’s genuinely a great practice to organize a consultation session before actually closing the deal. This way, clients can get a glimpse of the expertise and experience we bring to the table and be able to invest wisely. We feel the clients who jump on board after they’ve had a consultation with us are happier and have far more faith in our team and the work we do. So why not! 

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